Venture capital for
space technologies

Investing in space for the benefit of Humanity


We started our expedition in January 2020 with investments in the US-Swedish rocket launcher venture Pythom Inc (recently established in Sweden as Pythom Space AB), and the Swedish SPV Space Cowboys AB. Rymdkapital is a way to leverage our experience and network to level up to a higher orbit and address the tremendous market we accidently discovered based on that the Global Economy is wired from Space, and Space technology is built on Earth. Investing in Spacetech, is investing for the future of Earth & Humanity, and the business is booming.

Our mission

Backing tomorrows winners in space startups and technologies, supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and frontier technologies for the emerging #spacetech market

The fund will help attract brilliant people, frontier tech and investors to support the Nordic ecosystem to accelerate the commercialization of the space industry

Rymdkapital is founded on the belief that innovation is a force for good in the world. Technology is a key enabler and entrepreneurs are vital change agents to build, a better and more sustainable world

Innovation will strengthen our ability to compete on a global basis. For creators and investors, space and space related technologies will provide opportunities to build successful companies, accomplish change and create value

Einstein said; “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it." For us, that means the opportunity to solve many of todays problems on earth and achieving the #SDG17 with a vantage point at the next level from #space 

We look for …

  • #Spacetech ventures run by curious adventurerers, explorers, cowboys and pirates, with bold ideas to harness the vantage point of space to create a better life for all on earth
  • Frontier technologies, interdisciplinary, cross-border and lateral thinking, providing new angles and vantage points to problems not solved as well as they could have been  
  • Technological edge, IP, or defensible products that are set to become category winners – and ones that impact the UN Sustainable Development Goals #SDG17

We believe that …

  • The Nordic region is a leader of world class entrepreneurs and innovative technology
  • Nordic-born global industries and regional university knowledge clusters nurture innovation and foster huge potential for start-ups
  • Space is a fantastic opportunity for frontier technologies pushing their applications to the edge. We believe that spacetech is the new internet opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs and users
  • Sustainability is a megatrend shaping our world and spacetech will have an important role for its success

Rymdkapital Founders


Ted Elvhage

Managing Partner

Seasoned investor //Ted has over 20 years of investor experience in early stage and scale-up companies in Sweden, Norway, USA and Taiwan, and has a solid network in Europe and Silicon Valley.

His portfolio includes over 45 companies ranging from hi-tech and life sciences, to real estate and restaurants. In addition, Ted is co-founder of Stockholm Business Angels and sits on numerous Boards: E14 Invest, Keiretsu Forum Nordic, Gradientech, and Fingerprint Cards.

Entrepreneurs are fantastic people to work with. I love their passion and enthusiasm; they work hard, are so eager to learn, and take direction well. I feel blessed every day to have found my passion, too – set companies up for success and give investors a high yield on their investment.


Niclas Lilja

General Partner

Seasoned investor //Niclas has over 10 years of investor experience in early stage companies. Prior to that Niclas worked in leadership positions in 3, Nasdaq and other tech companies and been a Visiting Scholar at Stanford. 

His portfolio includes over 10 companies in emerging technologies. In addition, Niclas is the chair of Propel Capital that financed over 150 startups in Stockholm.

Technology is rapidly changing the way people live and interact. Our ability to reach out in space creates opportunities for new companies to create utility and value.

Ulf Palmnäs

Ulf Palmnäs

Head of industry

Seasoned space professional//Ulf has over 35 years of experience in commercial space activities. The experience comes being active in a wide range of space entities from global large companies to start-ups in Europe and the US.

Ulf's wide industrial network stems from a work life in space ranging from system engineering, technology development, marketing and sales as well as public affairs.  

Human space activities has already supported peace, democracy and a deeper understanding the earth's environment. It is now time for entrepreneurs to unleash the commercial potential.



Christian Parlanti

Senior Advisor

Entrepreneur at heart //Christian is the Senior Advisor at Edge Venture Capital and has a keen eye on future markets. He is a successful ‘spotter’ and has vetted over 100 start-ups and scale-ups in the Nordics. His entrepreneurial spirit is contagious, he identifies markets even before the consumer, has a strong network in Silicon Valley, and his European roots is an added value to Edge Venture Capital.


Joe Cutts


Silicon Valley Venture Capital Executive //Joe brings over ten years of investment experience to the Edge Venture Capital advisory team. As a partner at Opus Capital, Joe has an array of industry investment expertise in early stage funding which includes companies such as FedEx, Informatica, EFI and Brocade. Joe contributes executive finance and operations experience to the equation when evaluating scale-up companies.


Fred Rosenzweig


Silicon Valley Executive //For over 20 years, Fred was an executive in a variety of high-tech industries: President, Electronics for Imaging; Co-founder Drive AI, and Plant General Manager, Tandum Computers, with a focus on engineering capabilities and trends. Since his years as a corporate executive, Fred spends his time consulting start-ups and sits on many Board of Directors.


Leif Frykman


General Counsel. Entrepreneur. //Leif’s background as an expert in legal matters relating to international commercial law provides valuable insight and experience for Edge Venture Capital investments. While at Sun Microsystems, Leif, was based in California, served as manager for its global legal commercial team and during a period also Sun’s global sales operations team. Post SUN, he served as a VP at VMware, General Counsel at Fingerprint and is now Founder & Chairman of LegalWorks Nordic which provides legal support for start-ups and small businesses.


Eric Saltzman


Business consultant. Mentor. Investor. //Eric’s background adds a unique element to the Edge Venture Capital advisory team. After Stanford law school, he worked for Cooley LLP for several years - then switched his concentrated to business and became COO and CFO of many Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley. Eric’s passion is now mentoring small businesses and chairing Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs of Southern California.


Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist


Entrepreneur.BOARD PROFESSIONAL.// Elisabeth's is an experienced board member and investor in fast growing companies with a demonstrated history of working with turnaround situations. Strong business development professional with a bacground from McKinsey and the Swedish government. Founder of E14 Invest and Vaccine Forward.


Nancy White


Strategic Partnerships. Operations Management. //Nancy is known as a thought leader in building and managing strategic partnerships and programs for Fortune 500 companies: Sun Microsystems, NetApp, Autodesk, and Veritas. In addition to partner focused activities, Nancy is highly skilled at executing the corporate strategy, building brand awareness, and aligning business plan to industry trends that deliver successful results.


Christian Fredrikson


President and CEO Fingerprint Cards //Located in Finland with a long and successful career within enterprise technology solutions, Christian adds an international experience and network with deep knowledge of global commercialization of advanced technologies. In 2012-2016 Christian was the CEO of F-Secure, and he has had a long career within Nokia Networks and Nokia Siemens Networks (1994-2012), where he held several leading positions, including Head of Asia Region (2008-2010) and Global Head of Sales, Mobile Infrastructure (2010-2012) at Nokia Siemens Networks. Board member of Stena AB 2017-2020. Christian has a Master’s Degree in engineering from Turku University.